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Ivan studied Advertising, after graduating he found himself drawn to photography & moving images. The concern for the image made him carry out several personal projects that were published by different magazines and blogs, and this is how he quickly began his professional career as a photographer.

His works, mainly focused on advertising, revolved around the lifestyle. Thanks to his experience as an advertising photographer, he began directing different projects and his concern for the direction made him leave aside his career as a photographer and focus on what he likes most – directing.

His positive energy and enthusiasm are the power source for the crew and actors on every single set, bringing contemporary aesthetic and dynamic style to every film he directs. Ivan had the opportunity to work for large agencies and brands such as Nike, Puma, ​​Ikea, Audi, BMW, Coca-Cola, Mullen Lowe, Havas NY, Ogilvy, Buzzman, BBDO, Publicis…